Program Director-Migrant Children and Youth Network Galveston & Brazoria

The Program Director will be responsible for leadership administrative operational duties relating to the and administrative duties relating to the Migrant Children and Youth Network. This network is composed of a continuum of care including Brazoria County Youth Homes, Galveston Multicultural Institute, and The Pelican Island Center. Duties will be performed based on prior education, supervisory experience and training supervision as required. The Program Director is directly supervised by The Children's Center, Inc. CEO or designee and is subject to work overtime and be on-call 24-7.
Ensure all contractual (ORR) requirements and grant-specific financial requirements are met;
Coordinate interagency relationships between the various entities involved in the program including all ORR and other monitoring entities;
Adhere to and implement terms of the ORR contract, TDFPS Licensing Standards and The Children's Center Inc. policies and procedures;
Provide staff training in the various requirements of the project;
Manage the flow of information between all involved entities;
Participate as a member of the multi-disciplinary treatment team responsible for case management and care of the youth in the program;
Comply with the agency and respective program policy and procedure manuals;
Attend and participate in trainings, workshops and in-service meetings to maintain current information on activities as well as Policy and Procedures with The Children's Center Inc. or outside agencies;
Manage and coordinate the activities of a local advisory council and have extensive involvement in both community and public relations;
Attend trainings, workshops, and meetings upon request;
Maintain confidentiality in all areas of client and program operations;
Maintain professional and ethical standards as prescribed by The Childrens Center Inc.
Role model a professional demeanor at all times;
Comply with all licensing standards as well as funding source guidelines.
Attend and participate in all required professional training and workshops to enhance professional skills.
Monitor and evaluate program operations and services to maintain quality care for youth and families.
Maintain open and consistent communication with CEO regarding all incidents within twenty-four (24) hours.
Monitor and maintain performance standards for clinical and case management services in compliance with The Childrens Center Inc., licensing and funding source policies and procedures
Participate in recruitment, performance, disciplinary and grievance reviews as per chain of command.
Monitor program to ensure all licensing and contractual standards are met and that program operates within established guidelines.
Participate as member of multi-disciplinary staffing team to ensure quality care to youth in the program.
Prepare and manage program budget and approve all corresponding expenditures.
Monitor and evaluate population data to be submitted to funding source personnel.
Ensure all billings, reports and forms are submitted to corporate office complete, correct and on time.
Ensure that facility appearance meets standards as set by The Childrens Center Inc. and that program staff have adequate resources with which to meet those standards.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in a social service or related field, with a total of five (5) years supervisory/administrative experience or a Masters degree in social services or related field, with a total of two (2) years supervisory/administrative experience with troubled youth. Any educational or experiential qualifications to be considered as equivalent, in lieu of the above minimums, require prior approval of the Deputy Executive Director. Bilingual in Spanish preferred. The candidates will need previous ORR experience and be a licensed child care administrator (or license eligible)
Supervisory experience in monitoring and quality assurance of behavior/case management, budget management, personnel management, conflict resolution, cultural diversity awareness, overall office management, group or family counseling, youth services, residential, educational or institutional settings and advocacy. Preferred computer literate with working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Excel). Must possess a valid state driver's license.

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